20 December 2007

Another data point

And then there is this from Arizona: Voters who go to the polls may win $1m - Telegraph:

"Who wants to be a millionaire? Anyone using the ballot box in America's western state of Arizona, if campaigners have their way.

Under the scheme, which is designed to increase turnout, a $1 million (£550,000) prize will be handed to a voter selected at random after elections held every two years. Those taking part in party primary elections could win another $1 million prize. [...]

The next step will be openly paying people to vote for a particular candidate.

But the scheme has been attacked by those arguing that voting is a civic duty. They worry that voters would cast their ballots without examining the issues, or the candidates."

Uh, isn't that what is happening already? Isn't that one of the problems?

Another problem is that people know, even expect, that candidates will lie about what they plan to do and then find one excuse after another to do exactly the opposite. Such behaviour is now accepted as normal, and not only in the United States.


Anonymous charack said...

There were instances of vote selling in the last election, by the voters. I don't know if this lottery is such a big deal, as I think its' impact will be rather minor. But the converting of votes into a commodity may at least cause people to see them as having some worth, as currently many people view their individual vote as worthless.

11:56 PM  

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