05 July 2007

Ron Paul Online - Audio: Psychopaths Run Our Lives

Ron Paul Online - Audio: Psychopaths Run Our Lives: "Ron Paul Online - Audio: Psychopaths Run Our Lives"

It is good to see that the folks around Ron Paul are picking up on the ideas of Political Ponerology. Fintan Dunne, too, who does this interview. It is important that this information gets out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Make no mistake, Ron Paul supporters understand our country and culture have been hijacked by lying, greedy, evil devils who are hell bent on destroying our Liberty and Freedom, granted by a much Higher Authority.

These evil people will bow down to each other in an effort to hold power, control, and further corrupt our world.

A lot of us support Dr. Paul for just the reasons you have pointed out.

Human sacrifice in modern times is in the form of sending young men and women to do battle, and die, for some really horrible people to stay rich and "powerful".

Karma is a bitch. Just wait, they'll get theirs.


11:47 PM  

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