29 December 2005

The Abortion of Rape

Jeb Bush has denied a rape victim's rights, as we read in the following story by Mark Biskeborn :
[...] Jeb Bush is pushing his neoconservative agenda while playing abortion politics. He's using a severely disabled 22-year old woman’s life for his own goals. As in other areas, the Neo-Con Brotherhood stomps on American values. Jeb has stepped in to interfere with this rape victim’s best interests. The woman is severely retarded and now five months pregnant. Experts say she operates at a one-year-old’s level, emotionally and mentally. Living in a special care home in Orlando, Florida, she was raped many times. She suffers from cerebral palsy and autism; violent seizures often overcome her. These conditions make having a baby very dangerous for this young woman. She could die if she tries to deliver the baby. The Neocon Brotherhood Takes Over The Florida Social Services moved to appoint a guardian for her. State law requires a guardian to grant permission for the woman to receive a thorough medical evaluation. That’s when Jeb jumped in to push the neocon agenda. He fails to mention the problem of sexual predators in care centers for the handicapped. Although the woman is severely disabled, has been raped, and might die during birthing, Governor Bush felt that the appointment of a guardian for her was not appropriate. Bush stopped the appointment of the woman’s guardian until Social Services appointed a second guardian -- specifically, a guardian for the fetus.
Imagine for a moment that you are a woman who has been raped. Imagine that you are carrying your rapist's child. Imagine what it must feel like, to know that the violation you suffered will continue and grow within you for nine months. Every minute you are awake you will be reminded of the violence, the humiliation, your victimization at the hands of your aggressor. You carry within you the seed of your violator. What are the so-called rights of an unborn foetus compared to that suffering and constant reminder? How sick is it that the anti-abortionists base their argument on Christian morality? Is forcing a woman to bear a child in these circumstances "moral"? We think it is another horrific example of a para-moralism, that is, a fake moral constructed to hide the real morality, the question of conscience. Who in good conscience could demand of another human being to endure such suffering? Fundamentalist Christians in the United States have focused on the issue of abortion for many years, ever since the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973 overturned many states' anti-abortion laws. One of the most controversial aspects of the anti-abortion ideology is that even when a woman is raped, she should have no recourse to ending the pregnancy. Let us look at this issue in the light of ponerology. We can probably agree that those men who rape women are in most cases suffering from some pathology. Many, if not most, may even be psychopaths. The work of Andrew M. Lobaczewski suggests very strongly that psychopaths are aware of their difference from other people, and, moreover, that they have, as a species as it were, collected much data about normal humans and the way our psychology works. They are well aware that they are vastly outnumbered in the population. Some among them are also able to work together consciously as a group to achieve a common set of goals. What if we consider rape as a means for psychopaths to reproduce? There is general agreement that psychopathy is hereditary. Thus, a psychopath who rapes a woman and gets her pregnant is passing along his psychopathic genes. There is a chance that the child, or one of the child's children, will have dominant psychopathic genes. On this level, it does not have to be a conscious strategy. It is merely the mechanical working out of the psychopath's need for immediate satisfaction of his basic desires. But what if we step back and look at the fundamentalist prohibition of abortion is cases of rape? Can we imagine the possibility that there are conscious psychopaths, the clever ones that have been able to get themselves into positions of power -- think people the people behind Jeb Bush and his older brother -- who are able to look at the issue of rape and abortion from the point of view of the long term interests of the pathocracy? Could they be using the fundamenalist Christians in their sinister game? Obviously they are using the Christians. It is one of the important pillars of their political base. However, the study of ponerology also opens the possibility that the manipulation is even more sinister and well-thought out, goes even deeper than we might have thought, and issues such as rape and abortion may be consciously used for the propagation of the pathocracy. Some world, eh?


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